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Buyi ethnic group marks "San Yue San" festival in SW China


"San Yue San", the third day of the third month in the lunar calendar, is a major event for many ethnic groups to celebrate within China.

A soldier's romance


It is like a scene in a romance movie – the husband prepares hundreds of foodstuffs for his wife before leaving her for a long time.

Spring flowers bloom


Photo taken on March 12, 2015 shows the scenery of rape flowers in Hongdu village of Zunyi city, Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Zou braced for great leap forward


Come Sunday, current world flyweight champion Amnat Ruenroeng might feel a little like the fabled Trojan sentry who told his pals: "Hey, that's a swell looking wooden horse! Sure, I'll sign for it ..."

Guizhou: Beijing hosts health and pharmaceutical industry promotion event


The Health and Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Event, which focuses on the promotion of the environment-friendly health industry and the exploration of new opportunities in Guizhou.

Zou focused on world title shot


Double Olympic flyweight champion Zou Shiming has vowed to put China on the global boxing map by winning his first professional world title in Macao next month.

Guizhou: Flash mob appears to promote tourism


A flash mob is a group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse.

New Guizhou Provincial Museum opens to public


The new Guizhou Provincial Museum went into trail operation on January 24 and it was highly appraised for its well-designed appearance and fashionable internal decorations.

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