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Miao scholar shares his culture in classroom


Before Yang Zhengjiang enrolled at Guizhou Minzu University in 2002, he had little idea of the rituals and traditions of his ethnic group, the Miao.

Wild flower field in Guiyang


The national wetland park in Huaxi district, Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, is a good choice for touring and relaxing.

Blue tin roofs spring up in Guiyang


The phrase "rain on a blue tin roof" sounds like a romantic scene, but in a residential area of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, it is more a matter of pragmatism.

Guiyang to hold 2014 Guiyang International Half Marathon


The 2014 Guiyang International Half Marathon will be held in Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, on June 29, 2014.

Seeking big fish to fry


Women from the Miao ethnic group try to catch fish using tools made of bamboo in Fuquan, Guizhou province, on Saturday.

Dayima mobile app being marketed as monthly cycle help for women


Even though most Chinese women are still too shy to talk about their menstrual cycles, a mobile application is doing just that.

Colorful Guizhou on display


The exhibition Colorful Guizhou consists of more than 100 paintings and sculptures that trace the development of art in Guizhou province over the past six decades.

Guiyang: 2014 Best World Cities for Summer Travel


In the past few days, the folk environmental protection and academic institutions, jointly made up of APEPA, IC-GA, CUI and CPPC, have published "2014 Best Cities for Summer Travel".

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