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Square dancing competition put on


Guizhou province was holding the 3rd Square Dancing Competition at Liupanshui city.

Guiyang and Macau to have direct flights


Air Macau will open the first direct flight between Macau and Guiyang on Sept 23.

Motorcyclists test skills at ‘24 turns’


Qinglong county in Guizhou province played host to the Twenty-Four Turns Motocross Cup from Aug 19 to 21.

Exposition showcases region's natural treasures


The annual Guizhou International Stone Exposition held in Anshun is both a stage for businesspeople and investors and a gala that will draw fans of precious and unusual stones and rocks including fossils, gems, mineral crystals and other ornamental stones.

Beer, food and music ready at Oktoberfest


The third annual Oktoberfest will kick off at Aug 26 at the Paulaner Brauhaus of the Kempinski Hotel in Guiyang.

Catch more fish for more good fortune


Ma'an village in Guizhou's Congjiang county celebrated the Fish Catching Festival on Aug 8. Hundreds of villagers gathered at rivers to enjoy the event.The festival can be dated back 450 years to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Paper cutouts honor China's Olympic idols


Every morning for two years, Deng Rongrong woke at 7 am to begin another day's work on her "heroes" - 108 cut paper portraits of Chinese table tennis champions.

A flower paradise in northern Guizhou


There are around 1,500 flower gardens covering 12 hectares built to attract tourists to northern Guizhou.A local worker cuts off the verbena for further processing in Shanping village of Tongzi county in Guizhou province.

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