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Campfire sparks New Year holiday excitement


Students and teachers from Xingyi No 1 Middle School celebrate the New Year.

$503b earmarked for high-speed railway plan


In the next five years, China will invest 3.5 trillion yuan ($503 billion; 478 billion euros; 407.5 billion) to accelerate railway construction, including expansion of the country's high-speed rail network to 30,000 kilometers, a senior official said on Dec 29.

Fast walking tops popular exercise list


A recent survey by social networking app QQ has unveiled that fast walking topped all exercise activities in China in 2016 due to its accessibility and low cost.

Bullet train network still moving at speed


The opening of two high-speed rail lines on Dec 28 and the start of work on a new line the following day signaled that China's high-speed rail construction program continues to move forward at a rapid pace.

Xingyi ushers in New Year with mass tai chi performance


Five hundred tai chi enthusiasts in Xingyi, Guizhou province welcomed the New Year by performing the traditional fitness activity together in a public square on Jan 1.

Weining lost in fog


Buildings disappear as fog sweeps through Weining, a city in Guizhou province, on Jan 1.

Guizhou ethnic groups showcase embroidery skills to mark the New Year


Three hundred female embroiders got together in Xingyi on Jan 1 to showcase their embroidery skills and celebrate the New Year.

Guiyang doubles public security cameras


Guiyang signed a deal with Hisense on Dec 28 to install a further 10,000 high definition security cameras in the Guizhou province capital.

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