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Villagers gather to mourn Liu Shanping


More than 100,000 people lined the streets of Jiuchao Village on June 20, to pay their respects to late Party secretary Liu Shanping.

Bulissfully unaware


A rescuer transfers a ten-day-old baby out of a flood stricken area in Yanhe county, Guizhou province on June 21.

Heavy rainfalls take heavy toll on Guizhou


Recent bouts of heavy rain in Guizhou province have caused widespread damage in 15 counties there.

Tea culture drives Guiyang economy and tourism


Guizhou's capital city of Guiyang put on a series of activities to promote tea culture from June 15 to 19 at the Nanming district.

Thousands flee their homes amid fatal downpours


Torrential rain across nine provinces and Chongqing municipality in central and southern areas of China has left more than 20 people dead and forced tens of thousands from their homes.

Sleepy Liping county is a living cultural relic


Home to a rich Dong ethnic culture, Liping county in Guizhou county is among the most characteristic, well preserved and outright enchanting rural areas of China.

Guizhou uses social media blitz to attract visitors


Chen Miner, the secretary of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, visited gog.cn, Guizhou's official web portals, and sent an invitation on the account of the website to all netizens on Sina Weibo.

Media outlets urged to communicate “voice of Guizhou”


Chen Min'er, Party chief of Guizhou province, urged government officials to promote publicity work and cultivate professionals at a meeting.

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