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Artists perform at Guizhou Tourism Development Conference in Beijing


Performers sing folk songs at the Guizhou Tourism Development Conference in Beijing, capital of China, May 19.

Growing peat moss market benefits Guizhou village


Moss grown in Duyun Maojian county, Guizhou province is reaping unexpected rewards to the tune of 15 million yuan ($2.29 million) a year in trade with Taiwan and Japan.

Dong ethnic group increases incomes by sharing culture


At the foot of Fanjing Mountain in Jiangkou county, Guizhou province, is Zhaisha village, where most of the population belongs to the Dong ethnic group. For local villager Yang Juyuan, the development of tourism in recent years has allowed him to earn in a day what he could have earned in a year just five years ago.

Summit upbeat on industry's role in poverty relief


Tourism has both provided pleasure and helped to reduce poverty, according to officials and entrepreneurs at a summit forum of the First World Conference on Tourism for Development in Beijing on Thursday.

Qingyan ancient town features in special stamp collection


Qingyan ancient town, one of the most famous and historic towns in Guizhou province, was selected to feature in a series of special postage stamps released on May 19.

Special guests in Caohai Scenic Spot, Guizhou


Two glossy ibises were spotted in Caohai Scenic Spot, Guizhou province, on May 3.

Chishui river valley tourism highway in Guizhou


Stretching from the 1915 Square to the tourist terminal in Chishui city, the Chishui river valley tourism highway is comprised of a 160 km mountain bike cycling route and a 154 km route for motor vehicles.

Rail capacity boosted under new operational plan


A new railway operating plan has increased the country's passenger and freight train capacity, according to China Railway Corp.

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