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Investment flows into drinking water sector in Guizhou province


Guizhou's rich reserves of water are helping the southwestern province attract investors from both home and abroad.

Mellow yellow gingko leaves


The gingko leaves have turned a bright yellow in Xiuwen county’s Guanggui Tree Farm, attracting yoga practitioners to relax their bodies in nature.

Banwan village brewer brings in visitors


Banwan village is home to 108 households of the Bouyei ethnic group.

Ranger devotes a lifetime to protecting his trees


While walking is a popular exercise for many people nowadays, it can be a real challenge for forest ranger Zhang Youguang, who has consistently walked 6 kilometers on mountainous roads daily for 43 years.

107-year-old shares secret of her long life


Zhang Shuchao, 107, from Southwest China's Guiyang city in Guizhou, credits her long life to positive attitude, her daughter-in-law's good care and healthy eating, Guizhou City News reported on Monday.

Rolling on the river in Guizhou


A video posted online caused a stir recently, revealing the little-known Guizhou art of bamboo drifting.

Cooling air brings cloud cover to Xingyi


Some parts of Xingyi are beset with clouds flowing over the mountainous landscape as winter creeps in

Get riches from stitches


As the temperature drops outside, the number of customers to Wang Feng’s ethnic embroidery shop in Xingyi, Guizhou province, continues to rise as the popularity of her delicate brocade heats up.

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