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Colorful Guizhou through the eyes of foreign poets


The 38th World Congress of Poets attracted more than a hundred poets from over 30 countries to Suiyang county, Zunyi city of Guizhou province. The congress took poetry as a media to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism.

A colorful Guizhou after transformation


In the past, my impression of Guizhou province could be described in just three words - damp, bumpy, poverty-stricken.

For China, rising tides lift all boats


In China, when you look out on a seemingly unspoiled vista, it can be easy to forget that the landscape you're admiring may in fact have been inhabited for centuries.

Zunyi site keeps the past alive


Rare are the places that make you feel like you're surrounded by history. Rarer still are the ones that make history feel immediate and relevant.

Thirst for Moutai up in growing UK market


Kweichow Moutai, the world’s most valuable liquor brand, is appearing on British cocktail bar menus in an experimental capacity and pundits say it could one day rank as a household name in Europe.

Moutai now pleasing palates in S Africa


China's Moutai, one of the world's top distilled spirits and the subject of a profound liquor culture handed down for the past hundreds of years, is now finding new fans in South Africa.

Moutai mulls expansion in US market


Moutai, China's leading brand of grain liquor produced in Southwest China’s Guizhou province, continues its US market expansion by not only retaining existing Chinese American clients, but also luring mainstream customers via integrating Moutai’s business culture with sponsorships of premium local events.

Baijiu mania becomes global phenomenon


Hong Kong’s Stanley Chen has just wrapped up a multimillion-dollar deal at the stock brokerage he works for in Fortress Hill — and he is celebrating with a table-load of shots at the cocktail lounge Bitters and Sweets in Central, near the city’s raging nightlife hot spot Lan Kwai Fong.

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