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Nurture ethnic talent


Donning the traditional clothing of the Miao ethnic group along with silver accessories, Zeng Li, a professor from Guizhou Minzu University, who's a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, explains her proposals in front of a camera in English.

Tea harvest underway


As temperatures rise, the tea harvest begins on a farm dedicated to poverty alleviation in Danzhai, Guizhou province, on Sunday.

China's 'Uber' for trucks looking to boost focus on big data technologies


Full Truck Alliance Group, China's biggest application for Uber and Didi-like truck services, is looking to break even this year by leveraging its financial services for truck drivers and integrating existing resources with the help of big data technologies.

Wengfu eyes overseas expansion


Guizhou province's largest phosphorus and chemicals manufacturer Wengfu (Group) Co Ltd has strengthened innovation to raise efficiency of processing phosphorus resources to reduce pollution and upgrade its product structures while expanding into overseas markets.

Guizhou eyes role as regional air hub


Guizhou is aiming to become a major regional air hub in western China by adding international routes including flights to India and the United Kingdom and increasing domestic flights connecting big cities to the province's famous places.

Coal city gaining fruits from greener outlook


Shaking off its dependence on environmentally damaging industries such as coal mining, Liupanshui in Guizhou province has turned to new sectors and environmental restoration for sustainable growth, according to the city's mayor, Li Gang.

Two sessions reveal solutions to poverty, and the path to innovation


Not only does China's e-commerce increasingly bring goods into remote rural communities, it also allows them to sell to the people throughout China and the rest of the world.

Guiyang commits to opening up more fields of business


Guiyang, the capital of southwestern China's Guizhou province, is taking big strides in opening up to the outside world, aiming for high-quality economic development, the city's mayor, Chen Yan, said.

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