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The sign of a great teacher


Special education enters the spotlight as NPC deputy uses her hands to communicate in the language of the hearing-impaired.

A toast from China to the world


I n the glitzy interior of one of the world’s most iconic hotels, a Chinese restaurant sits in the lobby. This is the magnificent Marina Bay Golden Sands Hotel in Singapore, and the restaurant belongs to chef-entrepreneur Huang Qingbiao

Guizhou ramps up big data push


Guizhou province is ramping up its efforts to become China's big data valley and a new innovation center with a plan to boost its digital economy that will see added value occupies 33 percent of total GDP by 2022.

Tea time


Farmers carry their hoes to a tea plantation in Mengxi village, Guizhou province, on Wednesday. 

Guizhou ropes in experts for technological advances, breakthroughs in driverless vehicles


A group of engineers and experts in autonomous driving and deep learning joined forces in Guiyang, Guizhou province on Friday to build two driverless vehicles and test them on the road.



Horse tail embroidery of the Shui ethnic group is an intangible heritage in China, and 53-year-old Song Shuixian has made it her life's mission to take it to a wider audience.

Embroidery  helps women  stitch a future  


In 2010, Guangzhou's gross domestic product hit a record 1,000 trillion yuan ($160 trillion), putting it in third place among cities on the Chinese mainland, following Shanghai and Beijing.

Aviation to drive Guizhou growth


Guizhou province is focusing on the growth of its aviation industry in a bid to forge an advanced transportation network and help the province to become more open.

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