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Guizhou steps up poverty relief efforts


Guizhou province, which is home to more impoverished residents than any other province, is stepping up efforts to lift more people out of poverty, while ensuring no damage is done to the local environment.

E-commerce fights against poverty


The Yanhe government expects to remove the county in Guizhou province from the list of national-level poverty-stricken areas by developing its e-commerce industry environment.According to historical records, Yanhe served as an important commercial center during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

'Banquet ban' gives locals food for thought


A city in Southwest China has banned locals from hosting elaborate banquets as a way of reducing food waste and preventing unnecessary expenditure. Yang Jun reports from Anshun, Guizhou province, with Hou Liqiang in Beijing.

Zoo denies viral video reveals abused tiger


Videos showing a keeper pulling a tiger’s tail and sitting on him at an animal park in Xiuwen county, about 30 kilometers from the provincial capital of Guiyang, Guizhou province, have been reposted bymedia outlets and individuals onSinaWeibo andWeChat.

WeChat video used to finalize divorce


As Chinese divorce hearings go, it was fairly standard — apart from the fact that one half of the couple was 2,000 kilometers away. A civil court in Fuquan finalized a breakup last week in which the husbandwas present in court, but the wife was in Tianjin, in northern China.

Guizhou releases key plan for digital economy


Guizhou has released a key development plan on its digital economy.

Guizhou Tradition


Women of the Miao ethnic group dress up for their Wanghui Festival in Danzhai county, Guizhou province.

Wedding celebration


Dancers entertain guests ahead of a wedding banquet in Sinan county, Guizhou province.

Ethnic Culture
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