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Moutai rises to new peak on Q1 figures


The share price of leading Chinese liquor producerKweichowMoutai Co Ltd reached a new high during intraday trading on Friday, boosted by its pleasing business performance in the first quarter of the year.

Report:Mining jeopardizes fossil studies


Mining activities have been haltedat three sites inGuizhou province to preserve ancient animal fossils, a county government said. Local mining has jeopardized the fossils of ancient animals and harmed scientific research, according to a report published recently by Science and TechnologyDaily.

Local government supports blockchain’s development


Guiyang, capital of the southwestern province, rolled out a white paper in December, highlighting and outlining its ambition to leverage the blockchain to optimize governance, boost economic growth and enhance people’s livelihood in the coming years.

Mud fight


Participants in a traditional fishcatching contest, held at Changtan village, Taijiang county in Guizhou province during a local folk festival of the Miao people, throw mud at each other on Tuesday.

Archaeologists find beauty in 10 top sites


Among the Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of China in 2016, which were announced on Wednesday, are the remains of a 2,000yearold city unearthed on the outskirts of Beijing and items uncovered in the cradle of Shanghai that point to the ancientMaritime Silk Road.

Moutai share price rises onmarket recovery


A recovery in domestic liquor consumption has helped China Kweichow Moutai Distillery Co outrank Diageo PLC — which owns brands including Johnnie Walker, to become theworld’s top liquor producer by market value based on Friday’s closing share prices.

Sisters Day festivities


Women wearing ethnic Miao costumes celebrate Zimei Jie, or Sisters Day, as they march in a parade on Monday in Taijiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture, Guizhou province. The festival is similar to Valentine’s Day and dates back more than 3,000 years.

Preschools key to avoiding life trap


The success of Tongren, in promoting preschool education in rural areas is being hailed as a possible blueprint for the eradication of poverty and a means of preventing its reemergence. Seven of the 12 county-level regions in Tongren have been designated by the government as national-level poverty- stricken counties.

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