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Ecological zones prioritized


China has issued a guideline calling for an “ecological red line” around areas where development is prohibited.

Dragon lantern walk in Yuqing county


The Yuqing dragon lantern was included on the provincial intangible cultural heritage list in 2007.

Guizhou firmpumps funds to aid Indian state


A company based in the province ofGuizhousaidithas invested 30 million yuan ($4.37 million) in 11 Indian projects to improve key infrastructure in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Policeman bonds with locals in rural Guizhou


When Tian Maoshun was released from prison in 2013, the first thing he did was to visit a local police station to findYang Jiafa, the policeman who had arrested him.

Prices of premium baijiu soar at holidays


Kweichow Moutai, arguably the best known of the expensive Chinese liquors, has seen its prices soar at some retail stores just before the Spring Festival.

Birds fly out to work in Laos


A group of Chinese technicians can be seen working hard among the watermelon patches in the blinding sunlight of Laos every January.

Guizhou to close 120 coal mines in 2017


Guizhou province, one of the major coal suppliers in southwestern China, plans to close 120 coal mines and cut coal capacity by 15 million metric tons in 2017 to answer the nation's call to tackle excess production in the sector.

Baijiu makers see revenues rise on strong middle-class demand


China's consumer staples stocks, led bymakers of the fiery Chinese liquor, are helping drive stock gains this year as sales prospects get rosier.

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