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Student photographers bring smiles to poor villagers' faces


Wang Bangbi, 30, and his classmates have taken more than 5,000 family photos for free in poor villages in Guizhou province since 2012 in the hope of giving those people a memorable experience.

Moutai continues fight against poverty


A major baijiu beverage brand will pump 300 million yuan ($44 million) into fighting poverty in China in the next three years. Last week, Kweichou Moutai Co Ltd and the China Youth Development Foundation confirmed they will continue their charity project until 2020 to help rural regions in China.

Guizhou to take lead in eco-healthcare plan


First came ecotourism, as people flocked to rural areas to escape noisy, polluted cities. Now, Guizhou province is turning to a new trend experts describe as eco-healthcare. The southwestern province has established 12 pilot forest health zones that will offer a range of services to help people prevent or alleviate illnesses as they are surrounded by a relaxing natural environment.

Getting to the top


For anyone who wants to see the best of China’s southwest, Fanjing Mountain (Fanjingshan) is a must-visit. But watch out, the best is not for the faint-hearted. For city-dwellers longing for fresh air, the mountain, with its vast forests, is a natural oxygen bar. For adventure seekers, the mountain peak, with its almost vertical and slippery steps, offers a challenge guaranteed to quicken the heartbeat.

Waterfall aims for recognition as UNESCO World Heritage site


Huangguoshu Waterfall, located in the HuangguoshuTunpu landscape cluster in the city of Anshun in Guizhou province, is known as the greatest waterfall in China. The local government is currently submitting a bid to UNESCO for the area's nomination as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site.

Military jet takes step toward export


A domestic aircraft manufacturer rolled out its first plane for export, a trainer for fighter jet pilots, on Monday in Anshun, Guizhou province.

Expo provides opportunities for global technological cooperation


Foreign experts and offi cials discussed the future of big data development in China and expressed their wish to cooperate at the 2017 China International Big Data Expo, held from May 25-28 in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province.

Restoration work repairs province's landscape scars


Mountainous Guizhou province in Southwest China is making full use of international environmental research cooperation to restore its ecosystem.

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