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Official learns language of compassion to aid families


When asked to sum up his life as a grassroots cadre tasked with eradicating poverty, Qu Jia thought for a moment and then said it was tough but rewarding.

Hope springs eternal


Amateur director Lu Qingyi's debut work, Four Springs, which won the best documentary at the FIRST International Film Festival, hit Chinese cinemas on Jan 4.

23 years after 3-year-old was abducted, mother rewarded in flood of tears


For the last 23 years, vegetable vendor Fan Shiying has refused to relocate her stall in Kaili, a county-level city in Guizhou province.

These left-behinds are in no way left behind


At first blush you may suspect that Anjing Primary School, on the outskirts of Guiyang, in Guizhou province, would struggle to match it with its peers in regard to academic performance. After all, 40 percent of its 1,573 students are children of migrant workers and rural villagers - the kinds of children who may fail to shine academically because of the extra pressures they face socially.

From black to white: An educational revolution


In far-flung corners of the country, elementary schools are sowing the seeds of the country's continued success

Moutai toasts healthy growth


Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd, China's signature high-end spirit maker, has reported booming profit growth in 2018, and a robust growth plan for 2019.

Uniforms with GPS trackers keep kids under surveillance


Schools in Guizhou province and the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region are using "smart uniforms" embedded with GPS trackers to make sure students do not skip class and to assure parents of their children's attendance and safety

Karsts, kiwifruit and big data


Guizhou has transformed its notoriously juddering terrain from a bane into a boon. Turns out, tricky geology can advance technology, Erik Nilsson discovers.

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