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China to have 300 forest cities by 2025


Adding more greenery to cities is a major component of China's future urban construction planning, with 300 State-level "forest cities" to be part of the country’s ecosystem by 2025, the forestry authority said on Friday.

With mountain added, China leads natural heritage count


Mount Fanjingshan, a natural habitat for a number of rare plants and animal species in Guizhou province, has joined 12 other locations in China on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Thirst for Moutai up in growing UK market


Kweichow Moutai, the world's most valuable liquor brand, is appearing on British cocktail bar menus in an experimental capacity and pundits say it could one day rank as a household name in Europe.

Small cities bet big on talent


Earlier this year, Chen Hongyu, 28, received his doctorate in transportation management from Northwestern University, Illinois, in the United States; but little did he imagine he would pick Guiyang, a relatively low-profile city in Southwestern China, as his career launch pad, steering clear of the world’s bustling metropolises that most of his classmates had gravitated to.

58 Group joins poverty fight in Guizhou


Online marketplace 58 Group will provide tailored services to Zheng’an county, Guizhou province, with the aim of alleviating poverty through the integration of local industry and e-commerce



Yunfeng Tunpu’s ancient fortified villages were built to protect against incursions but today make for great excursions. Xu Lin explores the settlements.

Flight of fancy


Photo news: A paraglider soars above Xifeng county, Guizhou province, on Wednesday.

Moutai now pleasing palates in S Africa


China's Moutai, one of the world’s top distilled spirits and the subject of a profound liquor culture handed down for the past hundreds of years, is now finding new fans in South Africa.

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