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Southwest China says Miao on catwalk


Vying for attention amid the thousands of haute couture collections on display during Fashion Week are embroidered offerings from remote mountains of Southwest China.

Tea art enthusiasts to showcase skills in Guiyang


Guiyang will host the finals of the 3rd National Tea Art Competition from Sept 19 to 22.

Wengdu Waterfall makes the biggest splash at Moon Mount


At a staggering 50 meters, Wengdu Waterfall is by far the tallest and most impressive.

Pu'an to host scenic mountain biking race


More than 400 cyclists from 20 countries will compete in a cycling race in Pu’an county in southwest Guizhou on Sept 19 and 20.

World's largest single-aperture spherical telescope ready to work


China's single-aperture spherical telescope "FAST" is ready to begin working as the feed cabin installation has been completed in the southwest province of Guizhou.

Guizhou applies big data to urban management


The Guizhou Berkeley Big Data Innovation Research Center (GBIC) was opened in Guiyang on Sept 14, and is expected to encourage social and economic development in the province.

Guiyang alcohol summit releases industry report


The sixth annual meeting of the World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance (WABA) took place in Guiyang.

London professors come to study Miao art


The heads of the University of the Arts London’s College of Fashion, Natalie Gibson (R1) and Jon Wealleans (R2), study the fashion designs of the Miao ethnic group.

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