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Eco forum to be held under the canopy


Guizhou will put on a forum under the theme of "Ecological Civilization, Morality Come First" at the Longli Forestry Center on July 9.

Cross-straits celebrities gather to discuss green development


More than 220 celebrities from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan are expected to attend the Cross Straits Green Forum to be held in Guiyang on July 9.

Liupanshui becomes first PEOP city


Guizhou province is building Liupanshui city into China’s first demonstration city for Protected Eco-Origin Products (PEOP).

Stone exposition held in Anshun


Guizhou province held an opening ceremony for its Second International Stone Exposition in Anshun city on Aug 26.

$5.34b of e-commerce trade in half a year


Guiyang has achieved a total trade volume of 37.55 billion yuan ($ 5.34 billion) in e-commerce business.

Enterprise taps city's rich and growing market


For many centuries, people in Anshun have viewed the city's rich stone resources as the driving force of the local economy.

Local govt sets its future plans in stone


Anshun, a city in Southwest China's Guizhou province, has a long history of using stones as building materials.

Agriculture Carnival opens in Wudang


Guiyang held an opening ceremony for its Second Agriculture Carnival in Wudang district on Aug 18.

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