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Enterprise taps city's rich and growing market


For many centuries, people in Anshun have viewed the city's rich stone resources as the driving force of the local economy.

Local govt sets its future plans in stone


Anshun, a city in Southwest China's Guizhou province, has a long history of using stones as building materials.

Agriculture Carnival opens in Wudang


Guiyang held an opening ceremony for its Second Agriculture Carnival in Wudang district on Aug 18.

Businesses look to Internet for development


Guiyang, Guizhou province, played host to the 2016 China Enterprise Internet Conference on Aug 13.

Guiyang residents motivated to exercise


Guiyang held an event to mark Fitness Day on Aug 8.Guiyang held an event to mark Fitness Day on Aug 8. Approximately 1,000 professional athletes and citizens performed rhythmic gymnastics, took part in roller skating and other exercise activities.

ASEAN delegates meet in Guiyang to promote educational exchange


The 9th ASEAN-China Week of Educational Exchange is underway in Guiyang until Aug 7.

Education leads way to regional cooperation


The 9th CAECW is yet another milestone in creating opportunities for partnerships and collaborations between China and Southeast Asian countries.

The hills are alive with the sound of Libo county


World famous pianist Lang Lang presented a concert in Libo county on July 27.Thousands of people gathered at Red Boat Square on the night to enjoy the gala, which began with a rendition of Four Seasons.

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