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International beauties model national costumes


The world's diversity went on show in the form of characteristic national costumes at the final of the 2016 Miss Leisure World.

All hands on deck: thousands of teachers give schools new lease of life


More than 3,000 teachers voluntarily spruced up campuses in Guizhou's Ziyun Miao and Bouyei autonomous county over the last two months.

Guiyang receives green light for next phase of Metro construction


Guiyang recently received approval from the National Development and Reform Commission to build the second phase of the city’s metro system.

Tourists flock to enjoy colorful ethnic cultures


An ethnic prefecture in Southwest China's Guizhou province has built a robust tourism industry based on ethnic culture that has greatly improved people's livelihoods over the past three decades.

Asia's third largest manganese ore deposit discovered in Guizhou


A 106-million-ton manganese ore deposit was recently discovered in Songtao Miao autonomous county, Guizhou province.

China's largest silver lock unveiled in Guizhou Leishan


China's largest silver lock of the Miao ethnic group was debuted at Leishan county in Guizhou province’s Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous region on July 16.

A Red bastion gets a green makeover


Zunyi City is a well-known tourist destination due its key role in China's revolutionary history, but its picturesque countryside also has a lot to offer visitors.

Thousands of spots in Guizhou listed as new tourism sites


After investigating over 10,000 spots in Guizhou province, the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development has identified 4,574 new places as tourism resources.

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