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Relax in Guizhou during summer

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Danzhai's Paimo village is the birthplace of Miao batik. Miao people use special knives to draw patterns on white cloths with melted beewax. The cloths will feature patterns when they are dyed and the beewax is removed. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

Danzhai and Libo counties in Southwest China's Guizhou province are ideal places to escape the heat during summer.

Daizhai county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture has a high altitude, low latitude, and subtropical monsoon climate. Its average temperature in summer is 21 C to 25 C, making it a natural tourism resort.

Danzhai has many intangible cultural heritage items, such as the Miao ethnic group's batik, paper making, dancing, clothing, and music.


Danzhai's Kala village is known for birdcage making. A giant birdcage can be seen on one the village's mountains. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

Libo county in Qiannan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture has an annual average temperature of 18 C and is known for its lucid waters and lush mountains. Its most famous scenic areas are Daqikong and Xiaoqikong.


Danzhai's Wanda Town is rich in ethnic culture and history. Visitors can enjoy Miao dancing and music performances in the town every day, as well as cockfights, bird fights, and bullfighting competitions. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]


Libo's Xiaoqikong scenic area is located in a one-kilometer-wide and 12-km-long valley. It is nicknamed "emerald of the earth's belt" for its beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls, and karst landscapes. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]


Libo's Daqikong scenic area features old-growth forests, valleys, underground rivers, and underground lakes. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

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