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Chinese Medicine Wholesale Market Project

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The Chinese Medicine Wholesale Market will include 12 functional zones relating to: breeding, planting, medicine processing, exhibition and trade, logistics and distribution, experience, Qian medicine cultural exhibition, training, business reception and services.

The project is expected to feature a fresh market operation mode and industrialization mode and - with the assistance of favorable national policies - to support the development of the Chinese medicine industry in Guiyang and the whole of the province.


The project, with a planned area of 133.33 hectares, is located in Yangchang township, Wudang district, in the city of Guiyang, north of the Guiyang Beltway, west of No 138 County Road and bordering Baiyun district.

Conditions for development and utilization

The project is listed in the "One Hundred Demonstration Towns" of the "Five One Hundred Projects". With its rich resources, multiple categories and good quality, Wudang district is one of the important medicine locations in Guizhou province. A community survey and medical plants management information system showed that only the village of Pingba S in Yangchang township has 461 wild Chinese medicine components.

Approaches to cooperation

Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation


The planned investment value is 5.02 billion yuan ($ 818.2 million), with an expected payback period of 4.1 years and an annual average net profit of 837.43 million yuan.

Contact information

Address: Wudang District Investment Promotion Bureau, in Guiyang

Contact: Xue Yu


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