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Guizhou in Foreign Eyes

Rafael Saavedra: Journey to experience enchanting beauty of Guizhou


This trip in Guizhou has been great! Every single place we have been to was mind-blowing.


Outdoor sports and leisure steal my heart in Guizhou


In the heart of Guizhou province lies a hidden gem, Xingyi, a city that has etched itself among the surrounding mountains to create a blend of modern living and natural beauty.


Turkiye diplomat impressed by Guizhou's unique culture


More than 20 ambassadors and senior diplomats from 19 countries visited the Tianlong Tunbao in Anshun, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on June 4.


Zenlei and Gaotong's beauty seen through international students' eyes


At a workshop in the Gaotong Elementary School, they had the opportunity to study the art of Miao batik and engage in sports with the local students. This experience provided them with a profound understanding of rural life in China.


International students prepare to embrace the culture of Guizhou


A group of 40 international students from 24 different countries, currently studying at 24 universities in China, embarked on a seven-day trip to explore the cultural wonders of Guizhou on June 2.


Honduran media outlets witness China's progress in Guizhou


A delegation of 14 journalists from prominent media outlets in Honduras visited Southwest China's Guizhou province from April 30 to May 3.


Guizhou through a Japanese amateur photographer's lens


Hiyane Yusuke, a 34-year-old man from Osaka, Japan, never thought he would have such an influence on the internet when he started posting photos of China's landscapes on social media.


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