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Guizhou architectural renovation on show in Paris
Rural architecture from Guizhou province made its debut recently at an exhibition in Paris, France — 2020 Paris Design Week — showing traditional building techniques with modern functions.
Band members can't see, but they hear very well
A group of dreamers has set up the first music band for the blind in Guiyang, Guizhou province. Visual impairments do not stop them from pursuing their passion for music.
Ethnic minorities celebrate in Guizhou
Activities ranging from agricultural product exhibitions to cultural performances of local ethnic minorities celebrated the third Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival in Huishui county, Guizhou province, on Tuesday.
Promoting Miao culture helps 'last gunner tribe' beat poverty in Guizhou
Located in Congjiang county in mountainous Guizhou province, Biasha's nearly 2,800 villagers have largely held on to their unique traditions.
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