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Guizhou's Miao ethnic group celebrates Zhaolong Festival
Miao villages in Leigong Mountain National Nature Reserve, Southwest China's Guizhou province, celebrated Zhaolong Festival on March 17, which is also the day of the dragon in the Year of the Dragon.
A many layered affair
Rows of lacquerware objects decorated with ancient totems, lifelike flowers, birds and figures dazzle the eye at Gao Guangyou's workshop in Dafang county in Bijie city, in northwestern part of Guizhou province.
Guizhou to develop its Red culture resources
Guizhou will further develop Red cultural and educational resources to help students contribute to socialist cultural construction with Chinese characteristics, a national legislator said during the two sessions.
Pinpointing growth of TCM culture
In treating temporary facial paralysis, Professor Yang Shuo emphasizes a holistic approach. "Beyond addressing the condition itself, we must also consider treating the individual," he instructs interns at Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. "That entails focusing on their meridians and acupuncture points."
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