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Information on marriage and divorce in Guiyang


Guiyang city in Guizhou Province implements the national marriage (or divorce) registration procedures which can be dealt with at the Guiyang Civil Affairs Bureau.


Basic procedures for foreign-related marriage registration


To apply for marriage registration in China, partners of the contemplated marriage should prepare the relevant certificates and go to the local Bureau of Civil Affairs.


Regulations on marriage and divorce


Marriage between Chinese citizens and foreigners refers to marriage between Chinese citizens and foreign nationals, including Chinese holding foreign nationality, foreign nationals and stateless persons residing in China.


Certificates and documents needed for marriage registration


This article has listed the essential certificates and documents you will need for foreign-related marriage registration.


Application for foreign-related divorce


A marriage in China between a foreigner and a Chinese citizen or between two foreigners is considered a "foreign-related marriage". All cases of divorce in China concerning a foreign-related marriage must be filed with the court.

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