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New building materials sector ranks among Guizhou's top 10 industries


Southwest China's Guizhou province held a conference on production and sales in the new building materials industry on June 18, attracting the attendance of various company representatives.


Guizhou forestry industry contributes to poverty alleviation


Southwest China's Guizhou province achieved a total output value of 11.84 billion yuan ($1.67 billion) from its forestry industry in 2019.


Guizhou's tea industry surges during the last decade


According to the latest data released at the 2020 Guizhou Tea Industry Expo, which kicked off in Zunyi's Meitan county on May 28, Guizhou currently processes 7 million mu (466,666.67 hectares) of tea gardens, ranking the first in China.


Intelligent assembly in focus


Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province in Southwest China, will promote opening-up and accelerate the construction of an economic hub under the integrated development of Guiyang and Guian New Area, said Chen Yan, city mayor at Guiyang's fifth session of the 14th people's congress on May 13.


Guizhou basic material industry sees rapid growth


Relying on abundant natural resources, deep-processing and industrial structure adjustment, the ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and new materials industry has developed rapidly in Southwest China's Guizhou province.


New formats accelerate Guizhou's service industry


With the implementation of multiple policies designed to stimulate consumer spending, and the influence of the May Day holiday, 'smart tourism' is playing a key role in speeding up market recovery in Southwest China's Guzihou province.


Big health industry


Guizhou aims to strengthen the Chinese medicine industry, cultivate and develop biopharmaceuticals, accelerate the development of chemical drugs, promote the development of medical instruments and medical materials, expand the new pharmaceutical derivatives industry, cultivate the dominant varieties, create leading enterprises, and become the largest research and development base in China.


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