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Miao women making a better living with batik


A four-story building stands out in a tranquil neighborhood in Danzhai county, Guizhou province, after sunset, as it lights up for a bunch of local Miao women who create Miao batik.


Threads of the past run into the future


​In Milan, a town in which the chic and the modern are seemingly inseparable, this was the aging star that simply stole the show: clothing dating back thousands of years gracing the catwalks and awing audiences from around the world.


Guizhou's Miao ethnic group celebrates Zhaolong Festival


Miao villages in Leigong Mountain National Nature Reserve, Southwest China's Guizhou province, celebrated Zhaolong Festival on March 17, which is also the day of the dragon in the Year of the Dragon.


A many layered affair


Rows of lacquerware objects decorated with ancient totems, lifelike flowers, birds and figures dazzle the eye at Gao Guangyou's workshop in Dafang county in Bijie city, in northwestern part of Guizhou province.


Traditional Dafang lacquerware regains energy in Guizhou


Dafang lacquerware is one of the traditional arts and crafts from Bijie city of Guizhou province.


Video: Guizhou holds fire dragon dance show to celebrate Lantern Festival


Wulong Xuhua is a form of dragon dance performed amid fireworks by the Miao ethnic group to celebrate the Lantern Festival in Taijiang county, Southwest China's Guizhou province.


Thread of an idea elevates ethnic craft


In an ethnic Dong village tucked away in the mountains, the children of German and Spanish families were running around and playing together in late October.


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