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Banking on green


China's financial regulators are creating incentive programs to encourage banks and other financial institutions to invest the huge sums needed for green development, as part of China's overall goal of building an ecological civilization.

Liquor brand sets up nation's first scholar workstation


Kweichow Moutai, China's top liquor brand, set up its first scholar workstation on Aug 6, with Chen Jian, expert in fermentation engineering and environmental microbiology research, scholar of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and president of Jiangnan University, appointed as head.

Guitar sector innovation strikes a chord in Guizhou


Guitars have become big business in Zheng'an, a small county in Guizhou province in Southwest China, where locals are not only manufacturing and exporting the instruments globally, but also cultivating related talent.

Early Jurassic dinosaur footprints discovered in Guizhou


A research team said Friday that they had discovered at least 250 dinosaur footprints in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

App brings convenience to residents of Guizhou


Guizhou province launched an internet-based app known as Gopay in 2014 in an attempt to improve the livelihood of its residents.

All-round HSR services to be implemented in Guizhou


The Panxian-Xingyi High-speed Railway (HSR) project, the last of Guizhou province's nine HSR projects, has been approved by the China Railways Corporation and the Guizhou provincial government.

Guizhou achieves rapid development of provision for the aged


In order to deal with its aging population, Guizhou has been taking various measures to promote the integrated development of medical care and provisions for the elderly since 2016, with successful results.

Guizhou strives to develop big data industry


Since the establishment of the first national big data comprehensive experimental zone on Feb 25, 2016, Guizhou has devised seven experiments to promote the application of big data technology in the experimental zone.

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