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How Guizhou's computing power will drive fresh growth


The mountainous Guizhou is famous for its vast karst landscapes. It is also China's first national big data comprehensive pilot zone.


Guizhou gears up in computing


Guizhou province in Southwest China will take further steps to speed up the construction of computing infrastructure and intelligent computing center clusters, with a key focus on artificial intelligence technology, as part of a broader push to develop new quality productive forces, a political adviser said.


Guizhou optimizes logistics to reach intl markets


In 2023, Southwest China's Guizhou province strived to accelerate the establishment of transportation channels, according to a press conference held on Jan 29.


Guizhou to improve payment convenience for overseas visitors


According to a press conference held on Jan 29, Southwest China's Guizhou province aims to take measures to enhance its payment services for overseas visitors.


Guizhou spares no effort to help companies go global


With more opportunities to opening-up, various departments in Southwest China's Guizhou province are joining hands to help Guizhou's products enter and expand in international markets.


Guizhou's investment promotion efforts pay dividends


Guizhou province has made continuous breakthroughs in industrial investment promotion since the beginning of 2023.


Guizhou pursues high-quality employment


This year, Guizhou province has been making efforts to optimize employment policies, stabilize market entities, and strengthen service supply, achieving high-quality and full employment, according to a news conference held by the provincial government on Nov 13.


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