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Brewing up a career


Endless rows of tea trees have been competing to sprout new buds since March, and Zhang Ziquan and his staff members have been adeptly picking tender, green tea leaves and placing them into baskets at the foot of a mountain in Maojian town, Duyun city, Guizhou province.


Guizhou deputy reflects on long life as postman


Postal routes wind deep into the mountains in some rural parts of Longli county, which is in the Qiannan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province. Mo Fuyuan has been delivering letters and parcels there since 1995, connecting villagers to the outside world.


Guizhou postman devoted to countryside for 35 years


Zhang Linchang, a 58-year-old postman, has been delivering mail in Hekou township in Southwest China's Guizhou province for 35 years.


Liu Zesong (1946- )


Liu Zesong, 74, is an inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage of Yuping xiao and Yuping flutes in Yuping Dong autonomous county, Southwest China's Guizhou province.


Wu Pinxian (1945- )


Wu Pinxian has been given the title of the inheritor of the Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group, a national intangible cultural heritage.


Pu Guochang (1937- )


Pu Guochang, one of the main figures in the "Guizhou phenomenon" that swept the Chinese art world in the 1990s, is widely known as a master of Guizhou's contemporary art.


Wang Fangren (1930- )


​Wang Fangren, born in 1930, has been given the title of the main inheritor of the Twelve Tunes of the bronze drum in Biandanshan village, and is known for his diversity and acclaimed renditions of representative works of the Bouyei intangible cultural heritage, from their sacrificial tunes to their jubilant tunes.


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