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Circumstances under which no visa shall be issued in China

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Under any of the following circumstances, no visa shall be issued to a foreigner:

(1) The foreigner has been deported as sentenced or repatriated as decided and the period of prohibition from entering China has not expired;

(2) The foreigner has serious mental disorder, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis or any other infectious disease that may cause serious damage to the public health;

(3) The foreigner may compromise the national security and interest of China, disrupt the public order, or commit other violations of law or criminal offences;

(4) The foreigner makes falsification in the process of visa application or is unable to prove sufficient funds to cover all necessary expenses for his or her period of stay within China;

(5) The foreigner is unable to present relevant documentation as required by the visa issuer; or

(6) Other circumstances under which the visa issuer deems it improper to issue a visa.

Because issuance of visas is the sovereignty of a state, the sovereign state has the power to allow or not to allow the entry of foreigners as needed. Therefore, visa issuers need not explain to the applicant the reasons for their refusal to issue a visa.

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