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People's Hospital of Anshun City

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Established in 1935, People's Hospital of Anshun City is among the oldest public medical institutions in Guizhou province. It has been developed into a government-run non-profit 3A-level comprehensive hospital which makes use of advanced medical techniques.

It offers medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care and emergency aid and is an affiliated hospital of Guizhou Medical University.

The hospital has more than 2,000 employees, among which 215 have senior professional titles, 94 are postgraduate or doctoral students and more than 40 are outstanding professionals.

The hospital is equipped with many advanced medical facilities, such as a digital plate angiography system, 3.0T magnetic resonance system and a flat panel digital x-ray photography system.

Tel: 0851-33222131

Address: No 140 Huangguoshu street, Xixiu district, Anshun, Guizhou

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