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Tongren City People's Hospital

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Established in 1909, Tongren City People's Hospital is among the oldest western medicine hospitals in Guizhou province.

Over the past hundred years, the hospital has been developed into a national 3A-level comprehensive hospital offering emergency aid, medical treatment, health care, scientific research and teaching.

It holds more than 1,500 patient beds and has nearly 1,800 employees, among which 209 have senior professional titles, 18 have high professional titles, 282 have medium-grade professional titles, 48 have master's or PhD degrees, three are national experts, one is a provincial expert and two are city-level experts.

The hospital is equipped with more than 100 large precision medical instruments, including MRI and automatic biochemical instruments.

It has 46 clinical and medical technological departments, among which the oncology department is a national key clinical specialty unit and the obstetrical department, intensive care unit and cardiothoracic surgery department are provincial key clinical specialty units.

Address: No 120 of Taoyuan Avenue, Chuagdong education park, Tongren, Guizhou

Tel: 0856-8169381

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