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Fanjing Mountain Natural Reserve

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The spectacular landscape after a snowfall in Fanjing Mountain, in Tongren city, Guizhou province [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

梵净山自然保护区 (Fanjingshan)

The 2,572-meter-high Fanjing Mountain in Tongren city, Guizhou province, is one of the main peaks of the Wuling mountain range. It's a national nature reserve covering 567 square kilometers, an ideal destination for hiking and sightseeing as well as a holy site for Buddhism.

With peaks rising, streams crossing and waterfalls overflowing, Fanjing Mountain features many attractions, including Golden Summit, Yuejing Mountain, Sleeping Buddha, Mushroom Stone, Jiulong Pond and Phoenix Mountain.

There are over 8,000 stone steps from the foot to the peak. Climbing along the winding path is a rewarding and fulfilling challenge. Visitors can feast their eyes on views of mountains shrouded in a sea of mist and clouds, steep cliffs, echoing caverns, ancient temples and all the attractions mentioned above. Those lucky enough may see the mysterious spectacle of Buddha's light, which attracts flocks of adherents.

Also home to an array of primitive vegetation and wild fauna, it was inscribed onto the World Heritage List by UNESCO at the 42nd World Heritage Committee meeting in Bahrain in 2018. Currently, 31 endangered plants and 19 threatened animals live in this protected area. The most precious wildlife and plant species include the golden monkey and the Chinese dove tree.

Unfortunately, the mountain has had to limit visitor numbers, among other measures to protect China's newest entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The plan allows no more than 23,480 visitors a day, which makes it necessary to be there a little earlier if you are visiting during China's holidays.

Scenic spot level: AAAAA (top level)

Address: Taiping town, Jiangkou county, Tongren city, Guizhou province

Opening hours: peak season (March 1 to November 30): 8 am-7 pm, off season: 8am-6 pm

Ticket price: 100 yuan during peak season

90 yuan during off season

280 yuan for package ticket (including sightseeing bus, cable cars and entrance fee)

Tel: 0856-6720358


1. There is a non-stop bus route from Tongren Tourist Bus Station (near Tongren Railway Station) to the scenic areaor follow the transfer route: Yuping Railway Station - Tongren Bus Station - Jiangkou Bus Station - Fanjing Mountain.

2. The area has unpredictable weather so it is best to bring long raincoats.Raincoats work much better than umbrellas against the strong winds on the mountain.

3. Wear quick-dry clothes and fleecyjackets to keep warm in winter. Thin thermal underwear or sports underwear are suggested for tourists planning to take the cable car.

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