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Zhangjiang, Libo

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The national nature reserve features wild karst forests interwoven with rapid mountain streams. [Photo/IC]

荔波樟江风景名胜区 (Libo Zhangjiang Jingqu)

Zhangjiang Scenic Area, in Libo county, southern Guizhou, covers a vast area of 273 square kilometers. Best known as a "green gem" gifted to mankind, the national reserve features karst forests interwoven with torrential flows, deep valleys and green mountains. The area is endowed with beautiful raw forests rarely seen in subtropical zones and was thus listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in June 2007.

The area mainly consists of Xiaoqikong (Small Seven-Archway Bridge), Daqikong (Large Seven-Archway Bridge), Shuichun River and Zhangjiang Scenic Belt. Other attractions include Laya Waterfall, Guibei Mountain and Yuanyang Lake.

The first two, dubbed together as "Little Jiuzhaigou", feature a wide array of waterfalls, streams, lakes, forests and caves. The 12-kilometer-long Xiaoqikong Scenic Zone stands out for its delicacy, and is highly reputed as a miniature garden. Visitors will marvel at the spectacular sights of the ancient stone bridges from which the attraction got its name.

A rafting trip along the famous Shuichun River is the most exciting and fulfilling challenge for most tourists. The river, named after an ancient village of Bouyi people, is 13 km long and over 100 meters high. Apart from refreshing river rafting, it is also famous for the hospitable ethnic cultures of the Shui, Bouyi, Miao and Yao ethnic groups.

Scenic spot level: AAAAA (top level)

Ideal sightseeing season: from June to September, especially for rafting lovers.

Opening hours: 7:30am-5:30pm

Ticket price: 110 yuan ($16) for Xiaoqikong Scenic Zone

55 yuan for Daqikong Scenic Zone

30 yuan for Shuichun River Scenic Area

200 yuan for rafting with insurance and 220 yuan for accompanied rafting.


1. Libo county has pleasant weather, with an average temperature of 18.3 C. The recordhighest temperature in July is below 27 C and the lowest in January is above 5.5 C.

2. Take the touristtrain from Guiyang to Mawei town, Dushan county. Get off at Mawei Station, and transfer to the bus to Xiaoqikong Scenic Zone. You can also take the bus from Guiyang to Libo county at Guiyang Long-Distance Bus Station near Guiyang Railway Station, and then transfer onto the bus to Xiaoqikong Scenic Zone at Libo Bus Station.

3. Rafting lovers can choose to drift by themselves (with insurance) or with experienced guides.

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