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Liu Yonghong (1936- )

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Liu Yonghong is an inheritor of the ancient songs of the Miao ethnic group, and was given the title of master of the intangible cultural heritage in 2004.

He was born in 1936, and learned to sing the ancient songs at the age of eight under the influence of his versatile mother. Due to his good memory, Liu could remember songs quickly and also was taught to produce the songs in his mind.

When he was about 14 years old, he started to travel with older relatives, both singing and learning from one village to another.

Over the past dozens of years, he has mastered 12 units of ancient songs of the Miao ethnic group, including the integration of ancient legends, labor songs, love songs, and more.

He always sang in an antiphonal style when festivals came, where he also exchanged skills with other masters. He even went to other villages to learn ancient songs in his free time.

Due to the introduction of foreign cultural influences, the ancient songs of the Miao ethnic group are close to being lost. As old as Liu is, he is still in good condition and spares no efforts in teaching singing. Under his encouragement, more young people are learning the ancient songs.

With the help of the government, he has spread the ancient songs of the Miao minority at many local festivals, receiving high praise and respect.

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