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Guizhou Petroleum

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Logo of Guizhou Petroleum

Guizhou Petroleum is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. It is the biggest petroleum company in Guizhou province.

Guizhou Petroleum owns subsidiaries in nine cities in Guizhou province, including Guiyang. Its main products are refined oils such as gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, and fuel oil. It also runs convenient stores which sell alcohol, cigarettes, grain, oil, agricultural products, newspapers and magazines.

Guizhou Petroleum has a complete sales network, including 770 gas stations and 674 convenient stores, in city centers, national highways, provincial highways, and rural areas. It owns 10 large and medium-sized oil depots for oil products and one logistics center for other products.

Guizhou Petroleum has spared no effort in trying to build China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation into a leading corporation in the energy and chemical industry. In 2017, Guizhou Petroleum's total revenue reached 30.45 billion yuan ($4.83 billion), ranking 8th among the top 100 enterprises in Guizhou province.

The company ensures there is enough oil for the sustained social-economic development of Guizhou province. With its high-quality products, extensive market, and excellent service, Guizhou Petroleum provides customized product solutions for key projects in the province.

The company's main priority is to offer high-quality products and services to consumers. In 2017, 100 percent of its oil products met quality standards. Its gas stations also provide services like mobile phone charging, free water and free roadside assistance to better serve the people.

Guizhou Petroleum has offered various training programs for employees to help them improve the quality of their work. The gas stations are built with living quarters and small canteens, ensuring a comfortable environment for employees.

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