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Expressway to speed up urban integration in Guizhou

Updated: 2020-05-09 Print


Construction site of the Renhuai-Zunyi expressway. [Photo/ddcpc.cn]

The T-beams of the Renhuai-Zunyi expressway in Southwest China's Guizhou province were successfully installed on May 1, marking the start of the bridge superstructure's construction.

To ensure the successful installation of the T-beams, technicians optimized the construction plan in advance, divided responsibilities and enhanced both the quality awareness and safety awareness of constructors.

The expressway has six lanes in two directions, with a designated speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour. When completed, the driving distance between Renhuai and Zunyi will be shortened from 90 km to 50 km.

The project will improve Guizhou's expressway network, promote central Guizhou's economic development, enhance Guizhou's connection with the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and accelerate the development of tourism in north Guizhou.

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