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Districts conduct online interviews to attract investment

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-06-28 Print

As a key part of the 2020 Guiyang Import and Export Online Fair, online interviews were conducted by Guiyang's districts and counties on June 26-28, local officials said.

During an interview on June 26, Liu Shengwei, deputy head of Guiyang's Nanming district, gave a briefing on the district's advantages in location, its economy and its culture.

According to Liu, Nanming recorded total retail sales of 39.90 billion yuan ($5.64 billion) last year generated by about 110,000 businesses and companies. Liu said that boosted by its main commercial carriers -- namely malls and office buildings -- Nanming has become a thriving economy.

In addition to its work force, capital, information, technology, transportation and industrial foundation, Nanming is also successfully engaged in innovation. Liu said it has also innovated and optimized its business environment by launching Guizhou's first micro enterprise support app. As a result, it has become the first area in Guizhou to introduce online applications and registration for companies -- as well as a business license for food through app.

Li Fajun, deputy head of Yunyan district, gave a talk on Yunyan's opening-up with professor Meng Jian from Fudan University. Li stressed Yunyan's investment conditions, the district's industry and its opening-up policies.

Yunyan is focusing on middle and high-end manufacturing and consumption, and the district has launched a series of policies designed to promote investment. It has become well-known as one of the top 100 districts in China for its investment potential, green development and technological innovation.

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