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Skysea Museum of Art

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Outdoor sculpture exhibition area of Skysea Museum of Art [Photo/gog.cn]

The Skysea Museum of Art in Guiyang, Southwest China's Guizhou province, is the first private-owned public welfare art museum in the province and the largest one in Southwest China.

It was established in 2015 and integrates art collections and exhibitions with academic exchanges and social public education services. The museum achieved a national 3A-level scenic spot rating in 2020.

Skysea Museum of At is three stories tall and covers a floor area of over 3,000 square meters, with over 500 pieces of art. Most of the collections are by young artists and are full of integrity, courage, independence and criticism.

The museum is also equipped with a lecture hall that can accommodate more than 100 people, advanced meeting rooms, offices and libraries. The souvenir store, coffee shop and the outdoor sculpture exhibition area provide a cultural and artistic atmosphere for museum visitors.

Hours of operation: 9:00-22:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (no admission after 21:00)

Address: Building No 19, area A of Yangchen Headquarters Base, Wudang district, Guiyang

Tel: (+86) 0851-85845377


Skysea Museum of Art collects over 500 pieces of art created by young artists. [Photo/gog.cn]


Skysea Museum of Art's restaurant [Photo/gog.cn]

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