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Japanese media outlet covers Guiyang's big data development

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-09-04 Print

Reporters from Japan's state broadcaster NHK recently visited Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, to report on the application of big data in Guiyang's rural economy and cargo transportation sector.

According to the report, Zhou Zhenpin, a kiwi fruit farmer in Guizhou, installed a big data system at his plantation with the help of the local government, to optimize the operation and sales of his business.

The system allows Zhou to monitor the growth of kiwi fruits at the plantation through his smartphone. It also analyzes climatic conditions, records planting data, provides suggestions on fertilization, and follows the national kiwi market price trends.

Zhou said that thanks to the big data system, the plantation's efficiency has improved, and he can sell more fruit at a higher price.

Big data is also changing the cargo transportation industry. Manbang Group, a leading freight service platform in China, established an online system that coordinates the demands of shippers and truck drivers.

Users can search the truck type, cargo quantity and shipping distance on the platform. If the order is canceled, an insurance company will cover the losses.

Currently, over 10 million companies and individuals have registered on the platform. Manbang had a business volume of around $10 billion last year.

Zeng Fanhu, a truck driver and user of the platform, said that with the platform, he no longer needs to locate cargo at berthing facilities and can earn an extra 2,000 yuan ($292.77) per month.

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