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Renhuai prepares for intl alcohol expo

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-09-08 Print


The exhibition hall for Renhuai's Jiang-flavor Chinese spirits adopts the design of Renhuai's traditional buildings. [Photo/gywb.cn]

As the 2020 China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverages Expo prepares to kick off in Guiyang on Sept 9, spirit companies from Renhuai city, one of the main spirit-producing areas in Southwest China's Guizhou province, are getting ready to attend.

A total of 52 spirit companies from Renhuai will exhibit at the No. 5 exhibition hall, which covers an area of around 4,000 square meters.

The design of this exhibition hall features traditional Renhuai buildings, which aims to allow visitors to learn more about Renhuai's Jiang-flavor Chinese spirit culture.

In addition to spirits, the exhibition will also include products which have helped achieve poverty alleviation, such as tea, honey and sorghum. The raw materials and techniques of spirit-making, food and cultural activities will also appear during the exhibition.

After years of promotion, the Jiang-flavor Chinese spirits produced in Renhuai have gained in popularity across the world. Despite the influence of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Jiang-flavor Chinese spirit industry has been growing rapidly this year.

Renhuai's spirit companies are looking forward to the expo, which is the first large-scale commodity fair held in Guizhou this year, and hope to introduce Renhuai's Jiang-flavor Chinese spirits to more clients.

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