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Moutai promotes Guizhou's culture to the world

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2020-09-09 Print

Moutai, one of China's leading liquor makers from Guizhou province, has put more emphasis on cultural values in its oversea marketing campaign, according to the company's general manager Li Jingren.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the ninth China International Alcoholic Beverage Expo last year, Li explained that the company continued its "Cultural Moutai" marketing strategy in several African countries in 2019. The campaign builds on the success of a series of promotional events in 12 countries involving in the Belt and Road Initiative from 2018.

Moutai's liquor has served as a bridge between Guizhou and the world, deepening the world's understanding of the Chinese spirit and Guizhou's culture, he added.

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