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Guizhou Minzu University

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Guizhou Minzu University was one of the first universities in Guizhou to enroll international students. Currently, the university has hundreds of foreign students, including language trainers, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, doctoral students and advanced training students.

In 2014, the university qualified to offer Chinese Government Scholarships.

The university's international education school was established in 2013 and is equipped with four departments: the general office department, teaching department, student management department and Chinese-language teaching department. The school has nine teachers, including one professor, three associate professors and five teaching assistants.

The school's education for international students is divided into academic instruction, including doctoral, master and undergraduate education, and non-academic education, including training programs for various majors.

So far, the school has enrolled 385 students from 23 countries. Of the total, 264 students received academic education and scholarships offered by the Chinese government, Guizhou provincial government and the university.

The preparatory Chinese-language class helps improve the students' language skills and communication ability and allows them to pass the HSK test and start professional study.

Short-term training classes allow the students to experience aspects of Chinese culture, such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese martial arts, Chinese chess and music from Chinese films and television. Meanwhile, the students can enjoy the scenery, ethnic culture and history of Guizhou.

The school will issue training certificates to all qualified international students of long-term or short-term non-academic education.


1. The Chinese Government Scholarship

Postgraduate candidates can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship

2. Guizhou Provincial Government Scholarship

Candidates can apply for the Guizhou Provincial Government Scholarship, which supports 4 programs: Guizhou Universities Program, Laos-Guizhou Scholarship, Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia 2017 and Guizhou China-ASEAN Maritime Silk Road Scholarship.

1) Guizhou Universities Program

Candidates can apply for Guizhou Universities Program by clicking "Study in Guizhou".

2) Laos-Guizhou Scholarship

Candidates from Laos can apply for Laos-Guizhou Scholarship by clicking "Study in Guizhou".

3) Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia 2017

Candidates from Southeast-Asian countries can apply for the Guizhou Government Scholarship for Southeast Asia 2017 by clicking "Study in Guizhou".

3. Scholarships of Guizhou Minzu University

GZMU offers scholarships to international students who apply for degree programs. There are four classes of scholarships in GZMU:

First-class scholarship: covering the cost of tuition, accommodation, and living allowance for ten months (undergraduate: 600 – 1,000 yuan per month; postgraduate: 1,000 – 1,500 yuan per month);

Second-class scholarship: covering the cost of tuition and accommodation;

Third-class scholarship: covering tuition fee;

Fourth-class scholarship: covering 50% of tuition fee;

School scholarships will be rated, adjusted or canceled according to student's performanceand behavior during their study.

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