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Guizhou to develop medicinal herb industry

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-08-02 Print

Guizhou province, one of the top four production areas of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, is committed to developing a"customized herb park".

Located in Southwest China, the province boasts an abundance of various traditional Chinese medicinal materials. The area of land reserved for the growing of medicinal herbs in the province currently sits at more than 7 million mu (466,667 hectares), ranking second in the country. The output is about 2.07 million metric tons valued at about 22.44 billion yuan ($3.47 billion), increasing about 5 billion yuan annually since 2018.

To take better advantage of its strength in medicinal herbs, the province released the Construction Plan for the Customized Herb Park in 2019, which specified that all public medical organizations in the province would purchase traditional medicinal materials from customized herb parks by 2022 and build the province into a world-famous supply base for medicinal materials by 2025. The province currently has 39 customized herb parks, occupying more than 230,000 mu.

Customized herb parks are expected to be set up around the province and link up the production bases, farmers, and enterprises by encouraging local farmers to grow genuine herbs that can be purchased and processed into Chinese herbal pieces and medicines by enterprises before being sold to public medical organizations.

The development of customized herb parks is integral to the supervision system and circulation system developed based on big data and the internet. The supervision system can supervise the safety and quality of the whole process of planting, producing, primary processing, warehousing, and selling so that the production and circulation process can also be traceable.

The province also plans to build an online and offline distribution market to sell its medicinal herbs and resources around the country, and let the customized herb parks play an active role in the rural revitalization process. Thanks to the customized herb parks, farmers' incomes have increased by an average of 10,000 yuan per year. Meanwhile, enterprises can also enjoy a stable supply of medicinal herbs.

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