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Guizhou invests in construction of major infrastructure

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-11-04 Print


The Southwest Loop Line of the Guiyang Urban Express Railway is currently under trial operations. [Photo/ddcpc website]

Southwest China's Guizhou province invested a massive 151.56 billion yuan ($23.7 billion) in infrastructure during the first nine months of the year, according to the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

Some 101.7 billion yuan of that went into roads and rail, as Guizhou embarked on the construction of 16 roads projects and continued with the development of capital city Guiyang's three subway lines. Four expressways are currently under construction and six expressways opened to traffic during the period.

In addition, Guizhou invested 17.99 billion yuan in water supply projects. Some 15 new reservoirs started construction, 37 reservoirs were completed during the period and one is just about to be finished.

The result of this burst of activity will reportedly see Guizhou boost its water supply by 551 million cubic meters annually.

During the nine months, a total of 8.24 billion yuan was invested in the power grid. The design of several new energy supply projects began, while the construction of various power transmission projects got underway and 20 power grid projects started operating.

Elsewhere, Guizhou completed expenditure of 8.57 billion yuan to construct and renovate 2,779 kilometers of underground pipe networks, including 932.6 km of sewage pipes, 922.9 km of water supply pipes, 502.4 km of gas pipes and 421.1 km of rainwater pipes.

Guizhou invested 3.76 billion yuan to accelerate the construction of natural gas pipeline projects and laid 415.97 km of pipes in Leishan and Zhenning counties.

Guizhou also invested 11.3 billion yuan to improve the internet network and it added 13,900 5G base stations, while the total length of the optical cable network reached 1.53 million km.

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