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Guizhou province develops sports-driven tourism

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-11-18 Print

Southwest China's Guizhou province recently started on the construction of 15 sports and tourism demonstration bases, in addition to 14 cities and five towns that will integrate tourism and sports – as well as five towns featuring sports.

The list of 15 sports and tourism demonstration bases is as follows:

Taoyuan River scenic spot in Xiuwen county, Guiyang

The scenic spot is home to the Taoyuan River, which has rapids and is suitable for outdoor sports such as water rafting, fitness activities, sightseeing and sports competitions. It currently has sports tourism facilities for things like jungle crossings, rock climbing and rafting.


The Taoyuan River scenic spot has rapids and is suitable for water rafting. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

Wumeng Grassland scenic spot in Panzhou city

There are grasslands and azaleas in abundance on a plateau here and the scenic spot hosts sports competitions including paragliding and snow skiing events. Visitors can experience outdoors skiing and equestrian sports and they can try out other sports, as well as go camping.

Meihua Mountain scenic spot in Liupanshui city

The largest ski resort in Southwest China has been built here, relying on its high-altitude climate and skiing competitions are held all year round. Visitors can snow ski, grass ski and climb mountains there.

Shanping scenic spot in Tongzi county

This scenic spot is the first national 4A-level holiday resort featuring gardens. It holds sports competitions such as race walking and cycling, as well as offers parachute gliding, camping and water rafting activities.

Chahai Zhixing scenic spot in Fenggang county

This scenic spot features yoga that is practiced in tea gardens and it also holds sports competitions such as mountain marathons and cycling.

Getu River scenic spot in Ziyun county

The scenic spot is known for its rock climbing, agricultural sightseeing, ethnic culture and natural scenery. It holds the Getu International Rock Climbing Festival every year.

Jiudongtian scenic spot in Dafang county

This scenic spot witnessed part of the Long March and it is suitable for cave exploration and rock climbing.

Youshan River scenic spot in Dafang county

The scenic spot has a camping site for recreational vehicles and is also suitable for activities such as hot air ballooning, mountain biking, kite flying and hiking.


The Youshan River scenic spot has a great outdoor camping area, set amid glorious natural landscape. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

Dongxiang Fengqing scenic spot in Yuping county

The scenic spot features the Dong ethnic culture and hilly lands, making it suitable for cycling, race walking, camping and water sports.

Fangmaping scenic spot in Xingren county

This scenic spot has plateau grasslands, karst caves and bluffs and holds competitions for kite flying and grass skiing.

Tea Culture Scenic Spot in Puan county

Locals are proud that the scenic area boasts the title of "China's most beautiful mountain biking track" and it holds international mountain biking competitions every year. Visitors can also go camping and motorcross racing there.

Wanchongshan scenic spot in Ceheng county

This scenic spot has unique Bouyei ethnic culture and is an ideal place to avoid the summer heat. Visitors can experience grass skiing, cliff swings and ziptreks here.


Daring tourists swing above a cliff at the Wanchongshan scenic spot in Ceheng county. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

Xiasi Ancient Town scenic spot in Kaili city

The spot has a half-natural and half-artificial canoe training area installed with Olympic standards. It also holds dragon boat, single bamboo drifting and canoe competitions annually.

Hot Spring Culture scenic spot in Jianhe county

Visitors can take a bath in the hot springs, or do some water sports while enjoying the views of the lush, green mountains.

Wushan Canyon scenic spot

This scenic spot is equipped with different kinds of sports grounds, allowing visitors to experience canoeing, parachute gliding and other sports.

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