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Direct shipping route connects Guizhou, Chongqing

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Goupitan Hydropower Station tests vessel navigation function with a 500-ton level freight ship. [Photo/ddcpc website]

With the start of operation of the Goupitan Hydropower Station vessel navigation system last year, Southwest China's Guizhou province has established a direct shipping route connecting the Wujiang River with the Yangtze River.

The shipping route starts from Guizhou's Kaiyang county and passes through Weng'an county, Yuqing county, Sinan county and Yanhe county – ending in Chongqing municipality's Fuling district.

Guizhou's shipping route goes along the Wujiang River and passes through three hydropower stations and three natural river channels. By establishing the three vessel navigation facilities of Goupitan, Silin and Shatuo, the province of Guizhou is now capable of providing navigation for ships above the 500-metric-ton level.

To pass through the hydropower stations, the ships previously used to make reservations by phone and hand in applications in paper to the vessel navigation administrations. Now they can apply using online apps and pass through a hydropower station in just 40 minutes.

Altogether, the route is 545 kilometers long and can reportedly save 20,000-25,000 yuan ($3,139-$3,923) in logistics costs.

To further improve Wujiang River's transport capacity, reduce logistics costs, and promote Guizhou's goods to more areas, Guizhou Department of Transport and maritime safety departments at all levels encourage social funds to invest in ship building.

Currently, Guizhou has seven water transportation companies along Wujiang River, with 35 freight ships with a total transportation capability of 20,000 tons.

The opening of the direct shipping route can help Guizhou participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, the Yangtze River Economic Belt development, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development.

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