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Intl youth exchange program launched in Guizhou

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-07-28 Print

Guizhou Normal University in Southwest China's Guizhou province recently launched a series of lectures related to regional cultural characteristics as a sub-activity of the 2022 "Zhi & Xing Guizhou" Silk Road Youth Exchange Program (ZXG).

The lectures focus on the province's ecological wetlands, mountains, clear waters, ecological tourism attractions, ecological tea and ethnic culture.

In addition, a tour of Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park, Qianling Mountain, Guizhou Provincial Museum, and Yuhuang Tea Farm and a visit to an intangible cultural heritage item of the Bouyei ethnic group have taught youth from across the world about "Ecological Guizhou".

The activities allow young people to see the achievements Guizhou people have made in creating a wealthy and ecologically beautiful province. Young people from 22 countries have participated in the activity.

ZXG, launched in 2021, is hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, organized by the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week and carried out by Guizhou universities and colleges.

Over 100 young people from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative will be invited to visit Guizhou each year for a short-term exchange both online and offline.

ZXG is designed to give international youth a further understanding of Guizhou and give them an opportunity to interact with each other and realize the unity of "Zhi" and "Xing". ZXG is a youth exchange program of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week.

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