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Party maps out path to progress

China Daily| Updated: 2022-10-17 Print

Advancing whole-process people's democracy and ensuring that the people run the country

China is a socialist country of people's democratic dictatorship under the leadership of the working class based on an alliance of workers and farmers; all power of the state in China belongs to the people. People's democracy is the lifeblood of socialism, and it is integral to our efforts to build a modern socialist country in all respects. Whole-process people's democracy is the defining feature of socialist democracy; it is democracy in its broadest, most genuine and most effective form.

We must firmly stay on the path of socialist political advancement with Chinese characteristics, uphold the unity between Party leadership, the running of the country by the people, and law-based governance, and ensure the principal position of the people, so as to give full expression to their will, protect their rights and interests, and spark their creativity.

We will improve the system of institutions through which the people run the country. We will encourage the people's orderly participation in political affairs and guarantee their ability to engage in democratic elections, consultations, decision-making, management and oversight in accordance with the law. We will inspire the people's motivation, initiative and creativity, so as to consolidate and develop a lively, stable and united political atmosphere.

・ Strengthening the institutions through which the people run the country

・ Fully developing consultative democracy

・ Actively developing democracy at the primary level

・ Consolidating and developing the broadest possible patriotic united front

We will remain committed to the principle that religions in China must be Chinese in orientation and provide active guidance to religions so that they can adapt to socialist society.

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