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Party maps out path to progress

China Daily| Updated: 2022-10-17 Print

Pursuing green development and promoting harmony between humanity and nature

Respecting, adapting to and protecting nature is essential for building China into a modern socialist country in all respects. We must remember to maintain harmony between humanity and nature when planning our development.

We will carry out coordinated industrial restructuring, pollution control, ecological conservation and climate response, and we will promote concerted efforts to cut carbon emissions, reduce pollution, expand green development and pursue economic growth.

・ Accelerating the transition to a model of green development

We will implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, boost green and low-carbon industries, encourage green consumption and promote green and low-carbon ways of production and life.

・ Intensifying pollution prevention and control

We will basically eliminate serious air pollution, generally eliminate black, malodorous water bodies in cities and strengthen prevention and control of soil contamination at the source. The environmental infrastructure will be upgraded and living environments in both urban and rural areas will be improved.

・ Enhance diversity, stability and sustainability in our ecosystems

Major projects for preserving and restoring key ecosystems and protecting biodiversity will be carried out. We will promote the natural regeneration of grasslands, forests, rivers, lakes and wetlands, enforce the 10-year fishing ban on the Yangtze River, improve the system of fallowing and crop rotation.

・ Working actively and prudently toward the goals of reaching peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality

Based on China's energy and resources endowment, we will advance initiatives to reach peak carbon emissions in a well-planned and phased way in line with the principle of building the new before discarding the old. We will use coal in a cleaner and more efficient way and speed up the planning and development of a system for new energy resources.

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