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Grassroots delegate takes on CPC congress spirit

By YANG FEIYUE | China Daily| Updated: 2022-11-23 Print

Yuan Qin wasted no time sharing what she learned at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing after she returned to Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, in late October.

Her explanation of the key points at the congress to her audience at the Jinyuan residential community in the city's Guanshanhu district covered topics from Chinese modernization, people's livelihoods and the improvement of the social security system, to the promotion of public health and the social governance system.

"The content is closely related to our work and life, so people give their undivided attention," said the 51-year-old, who was elected as a delegate to the congress.

Yuan, who has worked at the Jinyuan community since 2016 and is now director of the community committee, made a point of raising her voice as her audience grew, which included community residents and private business owners from the neighborhood.

The community is home to more than 10,000 people who have developed a close bond with one another under the efforts by Yuan and her colleagues.

The community has managed to offer various administrative and logistics services over the years to residents, who can sort out most of their social affairs without trekking afar.

Yuan said she was impressed by the report to the 20th CPC National Congress and its emphasis on actively developing grassroots democracy and improving the mechanism of community-level self-governance under the leadership of grassroots Party organizations.

"It has provided the basic guidelines and scientific guidance for our community work," Yuan said.

In Yuan's view, the motivation to do a good job at the grassroots level comes from the affirmation of the community residents.

Her daily routine includes going around the neighborhood to find potential problems and understand the needs of residents and business owners.

When she received public feedback about a lack of pedestrian access between the community and a gate of Guanshanhu Park nearby at the beginning of the year, she immediately took action to address it.

Yuan took the initiative to contact relevant departments and proposed to build not only a pedestrian crossing but barrier-free access for people with disabilities.

Construction of the crosswalk and the barrier-free access has since been completed.

"The residents' demands are the starting point of the community's work, and we have to spare no effort to promote the things that concern the interests of the residents," she said.

"Anything happening in the community, no matter how small it is, is a big deal for her," said Long Zhigui, a resident of Jinyuan community.

"She can take note of all the information we report, and will sort it immediately if she can, or will explain clearly if she can't do it for the time being," Long said.

Yuan's work has enabled her to witness great changes over the past few years.

"Few of our staff knew how to use a computer before, but now everyone knows their way around a computer," she said.

Moreover, new staff members have been equipped with higher education.

Jinyuan community has realized smart management and a sound infrastructure and service system. For example, the community has opened a counseling room, a library and a classroom.

As a community worker, Yuan said she was impressed by how Guizhou has achieved a wonderful transformation and how the lives of Guizhou people have changed significantly for the better.

"The small Jinyuan community is a microcosm of the changes in Guizhou," she said. "Our country has undergone great changes, and I think everyone who has been in it and participated in it has had a profound experience."

Yuan said her participation in the CPC congress has strengthened her confidence and determination to be rooted in the grassroots and serve the people.

"I hope that everyone will give us more valuable advice on community services, and if there is a need for improvement, we will try our best to improve and run a community that the people are satisfied with," she said.

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