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All 'roads' lead to wealth

Economic Daily| Updated: 2023-01-19 Print

A bridge spans from the south to the north, and turns the natural moat into a thoroughfare! In 2016, the Beipanjiang River Bridge was opened to traffic. The Beipanjiang River Bridge is just one of the many achievements of China's infrastructure development. The rapid development of China's infrastructure, not only helps China to fight poverty and improve the happiness of people, but also has gone abroad to benefit more countries and regions.

Laos, once a "landlocked country", is mountainous, lacking roads and facing transportation barriers in its development. As a landmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative, the China-Laos Railway has driven the economic development of the surrounding areas and strengthened the complementary regional economic advantages. It also drives employment along the route, and is a vivid epitome of the Belt and Road Initiative for the benefit of countries and regions along the road.

Build a bridge, open up a road, connect a sea. The Belt and Road Initiative pursues development, advocates win-win, and delivers hope.

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